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Classic Tucker Sno-Cat Model 222 “Sno-Kitten” 1958 is powered by Ford side-valve engine 

We supply a lot of classic British Ford parts to customers in America and Canada, but we were surprised to learn that the Ford 100E engine parts our customer Brian was buying were actually for this!

1958 Tucker Sno-kitten

If you want to read more about Brian’s sno-cat projects, his blog can be found here

Tucker supplied the vehicles for the first overland Trans-Antarctic crossing in 1958 and is still in business today supplying the large “piste-basher” machines you may have seen at ski resorts. Tucker only built 110 of this smallest model from 1957-1962. There are two variants, the square-bottomed door and the even more adorable round-bottomed door.

The Model 222 was equipped with the 4-cylinder 1172cc 30hp sidevalve Ford engine, as fitted to the 100E Anglia of the time. The 3 forward & 1 reverse gears were heavily geared via the chain drive to run the tracks, giving a top speed of around 12mph. Steel tracks with multiple replaceable rollers run on a track around the twin steel pontoons. The single drive sprocket is located at the top.  Most Tucker Sno-cats feature 4 articulated pontoons, so the Sno-kitten was a far simpler animal.

Originally 6-volt, the factory had moved to 12-volt by the time number 70 was built. No cab heater was fitted in the snug 2 person cab. The Sno-kitten was surprisingly light at 715kg. It is quite a cult vehicle now with enthusiasts keeping them running.

Tucker Sno-kitten 222 on the snow

Back on the snow after a 30 year rest

Brian’s Sno-Kitten was supplied new to a small ski centre in Amesbury, Massachusetts to pull snow grooming equipment. With the demise of the centre in the 80s, the smallest Sno-Cat went into semi-retirement with the new owner of the land. Brian was lucky enough to acquire this cute little machine last year and has restored it to full working order while keeping the wonderful patina.

If you need engine parts for your Tucker Model 222 Sno-kitten (or your Ford 100E Anglia or Popular), Small Ford Spares keep the most complete range.

Ford Anglia 100E in snow - Tucker Sno-Cat colours
Tucker Sno-Kittens Model 222. 1958 & Round-door 1956

March 2023 Update

Oh no – Brian has found another Sno-Kitten! This time a 1956 round-door model. It had been safely tucked away in a shipping container for 16 years so it is not sun-faded. Interestingly it has had an engine swap to a slightly later Ford 100E engine with a hydraulic clutch.