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About Us

The Vintage and Classic Spares Group

The Team

Vintage and Classic Spares is run by a small team based at Merebrook Business Park, next to the Three Counties Showground, at the foot of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire.

Left-to-Right – Warren (sales), Paul (marketing), Colin (workshop), Peter (sales), Richard (sales/workshop), Ray (warehouse), Carly (accounts), Andy (warehouse), Hannah (office manager), Matt (manager).

All the businesses operate from our 15,000-square-foot warehouse. We also have workshops for machining, assembly and lighting/wiring.

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Our Story

Vintage and classic car partsShop Counter

Vintage and Classic Spares is dedicated to providing a wide range of parts and accessories for the veteran, vintage and classic motoring enthusiast. A group of companies under one roof run by a dedicated team with enthusiasm and years of specialist vintage vehicle knowledge.

As well as huge collection of specialist fittings – many especially commissioned or manufactured by ourselves – we also stock a comprehensive range of Ford parts and engine spares for many types of older vehicle.

We have a sales counter at our stores near Malvern, open Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 4:45pm.

Exclusive Products

At Vintage and Classic Spares we commission and assemble many exclusive parts. Wherever possible we use local or UK companies and craftspeople. The range includes many vintage-type light assemblies, horns, mirrors and windscreens. We make specialist trims, beading, vents, fuel gauges and priming pumps for vintage cars.

We keep classic Fords on the road with previously unavailable pistons, bearings, bushings, valves, camshafts and engine mounts. Ford Aquaplane performance parts keep the side-valve engines in top tune.

Our Classic Auto Bulb range grows almost daily with rare pre-focus and 6v bulb fittings as well as our specially commissioned LED options for classic vehicles.

Ford Cortina Mk1 Top Suspension Mount

A Classic Ford Spares exclusive part, previously unavailable to buy new. The only new fitment was the adjustable race type people use to race Lotus...

Boa Constrictor Snake Horn

The Boa Constrictor Snake Horn is one of our more exotic products made "in-house" here at Vintage and Classic Spares. This stunning edition of the...

Making Owl-Eye Rear Lights

Another of the many products made "in-house" here at Vintage and Classic Spares is this beautiful reproduction of the iconic pre-war Owl-Eye rear...

Making the Brooklands Aeroscreen

One of the many products made "in-house" here at Vintage and Classic Spares is the Brooklands range of Aeroscreens. The aluminium frames are...

Behind the Scenes

Latest Articles

The Duchess – Touring Australia in a 1923 Vauxhall

Steve Butler is not afraid to make serious road trips in his 1923 Vauxhall 30-98 E-TypeSteve lives in the UK, but usually travels to Australia twice a year for driving holidays, participating in rallys. There is a strong vintage and classic car scene in...

Pillar Mounted Raydyot HSU495 Spot Lamp

One of our customers in Switzerland (thanks Michel Vock!) was looking to add a period spot lamp/search light to his stunning 1920s Bentley Le Mans special. Unable to find the type of side mount he wanted he came to an ingenious solution of his own. Michel used an old...

New Website for Vintage Supplies

Vintage Supplies is delighted to launch a major update of its popular website for historic vehicle enthusiasts. Paul Beck's Vintage Supplies has been a leading specialist supplier of parts and accessories for restoring and maintaining historic vehicles for over 50...

New SVC Product Catalogue

We are very excited to announce that the new SVC product catalogue is finished, printed and ready for dispatch. It’s here! - the latest edition of the legendary SVC catalogue. 80 pages packed with parts, components and materials. Lots of information and helpful guides...

Fixing locks, hinges and catches on vintage cars

The repair and adjustment of vintage car door locks, bonnet fasteners, vents and other bodywork fittings. Time to fix those loose or damaged fittings on your pride and joy! Apart from appearance, badly worn fittings cause annoying rattles and squeaks and can be...

1958 Tucker Sno-Kitten

Classic Tucker Sno-Cat Model 222 “Sno-Kitten” 1958 is powered by Ford side-valve engine We supply a lot of classic British Ford parts to customers in America and Canada, but we were surprised to learn that the Ford 100E engine parts our customer Brian was buying...

What is the definition of a vintage, historic or classic car?

When does an old car become a classic? There are a lot of terms applied to older cars with much overlap and confusion as to exact meanings. There are some legal definitions, but other than that there are many different opinions and national variations on the use of...

Bright self-flashing LED upgrade for trafficators

Classic Bulbs has developed two new LED festoon lamps designed for use in "pop-up" semaphore ‘Trafficators’ such as the Lucas SE100/SF80 unit.  These LED lights are 36mm long with 8mm caps and slimline electronics featuring three very bright 5730 SMD LEDs on each side...

Morgan Remote Brake Servo Upgrade

One of our customers (thanks Ian!) wanted to improve the braking on his 1985 Morgan 4/4. The car already has a split brake circuit, but no space to fit a brake servo between the brake pedal and master cylinder. The solution was to fit one of our remote dual-circuit...

Beaulieu International Autojumble

Another fantastic show at the Beaulieu International Autojumble 2022. The team had a great weekend running two large stands and enjoyed their stay in the beautiful New Forest. It took three vans to move all the stock! It is always great to meet so many of our...

Moving GBH Engine Spares

In January 2019, Vintage & Classic Spares relocated GBH Engine Spares from Holsworthy in Devon to its base in Malvern. Brian Hayes, who founded GBH Spares over 25 years ago, amassed a huge collection of classic and vintage engine spares - including pistons, piston...

RREC Annual Rally 2019

Each year, the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiast Club host their annual rally at Burghley House. This year we had the opportunity to have a trade stand there, get the new gazebo out, and meet some of our customers in person. But, perhaps more interestingly, it gave...

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