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July 2015, 20 months from when the car was purchased. The Anglia is complete with a rebuilt engine, new bespoke interior with new carpets, seat belts and the original seats are restored and installed. All the electrics are working. Mechanically it is brand new, new brake cylinders and drums have been fitted and everything is greased and ready to go. The car is even taken to Pit Stop for a new muffler to be fitted.
Throughout the entire restoration process, Lyndsay had been keeping track of every penny spent on the Anglia. The final budget was more than double the initial one, but they maintain that “the end product is worth every dollar”
The Ivory Anglia now celebrates its 50th birthday in true style.
Lyndsay and Barrie have been married now for 46 years. Their honeymoon car was a rather quick 1963 105E Red Anglia, time for them to reminisce and enjoy their second Anglia!