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The Boa Constrictor Snake Horn is one of our more exotic products made “in-house” here at Vintage and Classic Spares. This stunning edition of the iconic Boa Constrictor bulb horn is a careful reproduction of  the horn design originally patented in 1907 and seen on Edwardian and vintage-era cars. The Boa Constrictor Horn was available with an elbow horn end and also in smaller solid coiled versions, but this snakehead edition is surely the iconic version that brings a smile to anybody’s face!

The Boa Constrictor snake horn was a popular edition to period Rolls Royce, Mercedes and other big luxury tourers. This horn can even be seen mounted to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the famous film as well as on the Corgi toy car! The originals are very rare but do occasionally come up for auction on sites like Bonhams, commanding high prices for good, working examples.

The special spiral wound brass tube for the body is made for us locally in the West Midlands. The brass head is pressed as two halves before being brazed together. The forked tongue vibrates within the mouth which adds to the powerful sound.

The component parts are hand soldered together in our workshop. The serpent horn is available in polished brass or brass with silver nickel plating. Finally, the large rubber bulb and reed are fitted. (Replacement rubber bulbs are available separately). The finished Boa Constrictor snake horn is approximately 1750mm in length.



Brass Boa Constrictor Horn
Toy showing Snake Horn

Making the Boa Constrictor Bulb Horn