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After the recent relocation of Vintage Supplies, the company has expanded and pushed itself further in the ever-growing world of vintage automobiles. The company’s small fleet of veteran vehicles has seen a similar expansion, especially with the introduction of its newest member – Mabel, a 1956 Ford Popular boasting a spritely 100E conversion alongside a host of other upgrades. Renowned in the trials racing scene in part to its upgraded E83W rear axle and E83W brakes, nothing can stop Mabel from chugging up nearly any hill in any condition.

Gone but not forgotten, Mabel has been unused for nearly two years despite her impressive setup. Joe, the car’s previous owner, acquired the Pop back in 2001 and has kept the vehicle in splendid condition. With some fresh fuel and a turn of the key, Mabel runs like she was driven yesterday.

While some may say, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”, Vintage and Classic Spares begs to differ. In our minds, Mabel could benefit from a burst of power. Over the course of the year, she’ll see the addition of a newly developed in-house supercharger kit hopefully gifting an extra fifty percent increase in horsepower.

We are excited to have this underway very soon. Follow this blog to gain an in-depth look at the project as well as any of Mabel’s future adventures.