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When Vintage Supplies moved across to its new home in Malvern in June 2018, the company’s Model Y was still being restored. Since moving, the car has had a refreshed engine, a complete respray, and a custom “Vintage Coachbuilding Supplies” sign written onto it. We believe it looks just as good now as it did when it rolled off the production line in 1937. The van was registered on 31st December, after the company ceased production of the Model Y on 30th November 1937. Meaning the van is likely the last model Y ever made.

The van, also known as the Fordson or Thames Eight, is powered by a perky little Ford 8hp engine and doesn’t take long to get up to speed on main roads – so long as you can withstand the bouncy ride! The handling has been described as “challenging and exciting, however, a lesser man would find it terrifying”. Note the 8hp is the RAC rating for taxation purposes, and bears no relationship to actual power output (which is somewhere around 35BHP!)

As the van has been rebuilt to factory specification, we have been fortunate enough to supply most of the components needed to restore it. See smallfordspares.co.uk to take a look at some of what we have to offer for pre-war Fords through to late 60s icons like the 105E Anglia.

Ford Model Y Van sign-written commercial